BIO 459/659 – Plants and People

Plants are critical for sustaining life on Earth. They sequester carbon dioxide and convert solar energy to forms that can be used, acting as key agents against climate change. In addition they are a key source of food, clothing and fuel. This course will focus on how plants function individually, and as they interact with their environment. The course goals are to gain an understanding of basic plant biology at the molecular level, to understand the role of plants in the environment and in society, and to use this information to make informed opinions and decisions about current environmental issues including air pollution, land conservation, climate change and genetic modification. As plants are a model system for molecular genetics, cell biology and biochemistry research, this class is an excellent elective for students interested in these areas.

BIO 421 – Capstone Seminar in Biotechnology

This is a seminar course for upper-level students, particularly (but not limited to) those completing a major in Biotechnology. Students will evaluate scientific papers, current news stories, and biotechnology related issues. This evaluation will occur through reading, oral presentations, written assignments, and class discussion.